Welcome to International Property Talk podcast.  A Property and Passport LLC production. 

Our Motto:  Dream It.  Plan it.  Do it.

I’m your host Shirley Johnson-Boyd, an International Property Consultant in the Northern Virginia area of the DMV – Washington DC Metro area.  Why did I choose to go into real estate?   Simple, I was constantly being asked for advice on real estate related questions.  Eventually I decided I’d might as well get licensed. 

I now am an International Property Connector.  What is it and why international?  As a native of New Orleans, I’ve always been connected to the international community.  People were always visiting, and sometimes staying, from around the world.  Especially during Mardi Gras which draws an international, party crowd.  I loved meeting and interacting with them, learning about their hometowns.  It made me want to travel the world myself.

Have you dreamed about buying property abroad?  Have you thought about retiring abroad?  What about diversifying you real estate investment portfolio? What about having a vacation home somewhere that you can leave you things there for when you're on vacation without having to pack every little thing you want while there? 

Are you unsure if you will like living abroad, get our quick quiz at www.tinyurl.com/AbroadQuiz to see how prepared you are and what you might want to work on.

I’m an International Property Connector with a Global network of people ready to help.  Contact me at Shirley@JohnsonBoyd.com to get help.

If you want to be confident and prepared for buying and selling international property, or even across the country, then you've found the right podcast.  After all, buying or selling property while you're remote introduces different challenges than when you're close by.  You will need to rely more heavily on professional help and ask the right questions.

Shirley Johnson-Boyd | International Property Connector | Samson Properties Brokerage | Alexandria, VA 22310